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ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences >> Call for Papers Vol. 18 No. 7, April 2023

ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Dielectric properties of raw Aster tataricus and its residue of decoction

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Author Ong H. L., Cheng E. M., Mohamad C. W. S. R., Beh C. Y. and Khor S. F.
e-ISSN 1819-6608
On Pages 2027-2031
Volume No. 17
Issue No. 23
Issue Date 15 January 2023
Keywords aster tataricus, dielectric constant, loss factor, electrical conductivity.


The plant Aster tataricus is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine to relieve cough-related illnesses. In this work, the dielectric properties of Aster tataricus were studied in terms of dielectric constant (ε’), dielectric loss factor (ε”), and electrical conductivity (σ). A Hioki IM3570 impedance analyser and an Agilent E5071C ENA series vector network analyser were used for the impedance and dielectric measurement, respectively. The dielectric properties were investigated from 12.5 kHz to 5 MHz and 50 MHz to 20GHz. All the measurements were conducted at room temperature. Aster tataricus were dried and ground into powder for preparation of pellets before and after decoction. It can be noticed that the variation of measured dielectric constant, dielectric loss factor, and electrical conductivity are significant over frequency.


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